Lord Nasher

Former Ruler of Neverwinter. DEAD


Lord Nasher had sent you to take out the woman who poisoned his son Mordicai.
Her name was Laila, the Black Marketeer. The Lord has yet to be informed.
He has a servant named Festus who makes the greatest lemonade in Neverwinter.

The city’s three architectural marvels are its bridges. One of interest is
the Sleeping Dragon bridge. This massive stone-arch, a mile long and one hundred
feet wide, reaches a height of one hundred fifty feet as it arches
over the River Dessarin. Lord Nasher has informed you that the entrance
to the thieves guild is near this bridge.

After going to the Pie Shop it is discovered that the Lord son’s death was carried out by Festus, and he was taken in to custody. But not before Lord Nasher was murdered.


Lord Nasher

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