Morty and Marv


Two rather suspicious looking half-elves who make it their business to steal whatever, whenever, wherever. Until they met Blobert.


They got caught robbing a Mage’s private library, and their carriage exploded in a massive fireball (two fireballs actually). Blobert got hit in the face by a searing bit of Marv’s nose, and the rest of him was tossed about the dock. Morty survived, but only with the help of Maridia. The crew left him in a room on the ship but to only find out later that he stole their map. Maridia and Logan turned him in to the town guard, and the next day his hands were cut off with a dull blade. He will never play the lute again, and it goes without saying he won’t qualify for his Thieve’s Guild Pension.

Morty and Marv

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