The Brotherhood of the Blade


Alfred Packer the Dragon – red dragon and some blade fundies were battling, blobert befriended the dragon and feasted on the human corpses with him. Alfred attack the Navy as a distraction while Girl torched the hell out of some slaves and guards

Items on archangel michael

Bracers of armor +2, ring of protection +1, longsword,
heavy crossbow, 20 crossbow bolts, 2 potions of fly,
ring of counterspells (magic missile), wand of cure light wounds (5 charges),
+3 full plate, heavy crossbow, 20
crossbow bolts, potion of cure serious wounds.

Letters found in pie shop

Can be found in the Pie Shop Letters wiki page

Musket Rules

Musket stats according to DMG Pg 145
500 gp
Damage = 1d12
Crit = ×3
Range = 150 ft.
10 lbs.

Gonna use these stats


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