The Bard's Trousers

Barkeep – Mitch & Gretta own the place. A rather hideous pair of humans, they love each other deeply, although it doesn’t look like it.

Mitch and Logan have known each other for some time. Festus comes here to drown his sorrows when he’s not working for his lord, the ruler of Neverwinter.


The inn is a single storey timber framed building, with a large cellar. Accomodations consist of a single large room with wooden cots. A small private bathhouse is available to guests.

Boiled Bear and Rye Biscuits, Tankard of Mead (12 cp)
Dried Sausage and Asparagus, Tankard of Cider (10 cp)
Boiled Veal and Dried Carrot, Tankard of Perry (12 cp)
Cashew Bread and Soft Cheese, Mug of Stout (5 cp)
Vegetable Stew, Mug of Cider (5 cp)

The Bard's Trousers

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